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Got Mail? - L.A. Twister DVD

Got Mail? – L.A. Twister DVD

Screenshot of the L.A. Twister - DVD Menu: So many special features!

Screenshot of the L.A. Twister – DVD Menu: So many special features!

Mystic Slippers09-30-2004 05:52 PM

Review: L.A. Twister (2004)

Name: L.A. Twister
Director: Sven Pape
Year: 2004
Official Site:

Those of you that frequent the forums and irc will know how much i’ve been crazing to see this movie. Well, finally i saw it today. And what should happen? All my dreams and hopes for this movie came true….


Let’s just get the formalities out of the way first. L.A. Twister is the story of two guys, one a failing wannabe actor (Lenny), one a down and out plumber (Ethan) that’s just split from his girl. When Ethan moves to Los Angeles to live with Lenny after the split, his observations of Lenny and his lifestyle finally win him round to an idea they both share that, if you can’t beat the Hollywood system and make it as an actor….make a movie!

L.A. Twister documents the duo’s charismatic, often funny, sometimes sad but always deeply entertaining journey in to the world of movie-making, fucking back the system, the assholes, the leechers, the fakes and finally putting their damn movie out there. While at the same time dealing with real life issues of love, life and friendship.

For a movie made with next to no money and little chance for exposure, i am so glad i got to see this (even if it was in it’s WP form). What is served up is a beautifully made movie. Exquisitely shot and pieced together and topped off with a brilliant cast that all work excellently with each other, especially the buddy factor between Ethan, Jake and Mindy.

I laughed, i nearly cried, i laughed some more. This movie fills the void that modern day Hollywood (and modern filmaking in general) has left out. This movie is 100% unadulterated, no strings, no hold barred, no bullshit PURE ENTERTAINMENT. This, my friends, is what is known as a perfectly balanced, well rounded and brilliantly crafted movie.

I cannot fault it. Anywhere. At all. Whatsoever.

It will do nothing at the box office because no fucker knows about it. A crying shame really. Fuck you all though. I’ll buy the DVD for myself.

This is, without a doubt, the best movie of 2004. Period.*


*until i’ve seen Planet Of The Pitts.
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