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On the Film Set of L.A. Twister



Rhode Island International Film Festival

Winner BEST FEATURE, First Prize


San Diego Film Festival


Monaco International Film Festival

Winner BEST ACTOR (Zack Ward)


Raindance Film Festival




San Francisco Chronicle:

“L.A. Twister is to be admired. Pape constructs a plot that doesn’t follow a conventional path… the best reason to watch the movie is Ward. The red-haired character actor has grown up in the 21 years since he played the bully in “A Christmas Story,” but he still nails any scene that involved mischief-making –


L.A. Weekly:

“The cast is attractive and energetic, tackling their roles with enthusiasm (the standout being the sexily no-nonsense Jennifer Aspen)…Shot on 35mm by Patrice Lucien Cochet, the film has a sleekly professional look that stands out in a sea of indie digital fare — “

Behind the Scenes of L.A. Twister

Behind the Scenes of L.A. Twister

Dallas Morning News:

“Jennifer Aspen, as the film’s (and the film’s film’s) love interest, projects a luminous blond beauty akin to Kate Hudson, but the real treat is Susan Blakely (Rich Man, Poor Man) as the trophy wife of a recently deceased Hollywood bigwig. Face it, Sex and the City fans: Ms. Blakely was Kim Cattrall before Kim Cattrall was cool. — “


Boxoffice Prophets:

“L.A. Twister’s script, written by Geoffrey [sic] Saville-Read, is unafraid to go out on a limb and be unique. Director Sven Pape embraces the quirkiness with an unabashed glee… L.A. Twister feels like just such a film – deeply personal and yet still fun. And funny. –“

Filming the "Naked Twister" Scene

Filming the “Naked Twister” Scene

Reeling Reviews:

“… [L.A. TWISTER] has its heart in the right place… The best thing about “Twister” is the energetic, snappy performance by Zack Ward as Lenny. You may remember him as the bully who gets his comeuppance in “A Christmas Story.” Here, his sharp wit and naïve belief that “miracles happen” but “only in the movies” makes for a sympathetic character. — “



“L.A. TWISTER is certainly technically competent – which alone puts it into the top 10% of the genre… Points got to Ward: He nails the character of serveal iritating jerks, I’ve known since moving to L.A.– “


Just another day on the set of L.A. Twister

Just another day on the set of L.A. Twister

Blogger Mystic Slippers (

“IT FUCKING ROCKS!!! …I laughed, i nearly cried, i laughed some more. This movie fills the void that modern day Hollywood (and modern day filmaking in general) has left out. This movie is 100% unadulterated, no strings, no hold barred, no bullshit PURE ENTERTAINMENT… without a doubt, the best movie of 2004. Period.”

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